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Mariastraat 20 | Bruges

Gaze admiringly at the exhibition piece in the window and enter the store. Pol Depla sculpts, creates, innovates, and honours the tradition of handmade chocolates. The collection is presented in the best conditions in the the taut design of the store. Side by side, shiny, crisp and crackle-fresh. Pure cacao is the basis of the unique chocolate, a family recipe, which accompanies over sixty flavours.

Sweet, salt, bitter, sour, the taste like more in a box. Flavours of the past, the present, and the future. Indulge yourself and come back soon, because the collection is in constant motion and grows on the rhytm of the seasons. Father Depla's original bluestone tabletop in the back of the store is the silent witness of the love for the craft.

Passion and control, balancing and a subtle ensemble of exciting flavours encapsulated in crackling beauty. This is where Pol Depla shows his craftsmanship. A life full of chocolate as baggage, daily amazements as his guide.

Allow to be tempted, improvise, select and choose. Dare and surrender.Life is a box of chocolates.

Text: Edward Vanhoutte